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Benefits of membership

The Epidemiological Society of Nigeria

Benefits of membership of the Epidemiological society of Nigeria


  1. Joint membership of Society of Public Health Professionals of Nigeria (SPHPN)
  2. Membership of EPiSON automatically confers on you the membership of the International Epidemiological Association (IEA).
  3. Participation in EPiSON, IEA and regional conferences or any other programmes and events organized by them.
  4. Membership provides a forum to interact and share experiences with other epidemiologists working in Nigeria and globally.
  5. Provides ample opportunities for career and professional capacity development from EPiSON organized workshops and international conferences.
  6. As IEA member, you are eligible to attend her conferences and aspire to elective offices among other privileges accorded to all members.
  7. Benefit from newsletters, journals and other publications by EPiSON and its affiliate organizations like IEA, NCDC and AEA,
  8. Participation in collaborative research with other members of EPiSON and IEA at subnational, national and global levels.
  9. Contribute meaningfully to the practice of Epidemiology in Nigeria.